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City’s-Portraits are digital photographic compositions, which envision and explore the cultural layers and history of a city. They create a contemporary portrait of a city’s unique character, by redefining what constitutes a vision of history and a city’s self image. Past, present and future are one vision, encompassing architecture, art, symbols, historic events, cartography and city archives. A multi-dimensional journey is transformed into a two-dimensional image.



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Studio Hydros | Nissim Men
Tourniairestraat 72 
1065NK Amsterdam 
The Netherlands
Tel : +31 (0)644699314 

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Alkmaar, Netherlands

Alkmaar, Netherlands

The ‘Citys-Portraits’ are promoted as limited editions.
The editions are signed, numbered and dated by the artist.
The amount of prints are up to 12 copies each city edition, printed in high quality on the presentable size of 125x50 cm .
Different sizes and editions will be created only by special request.
Certificates of authenticity are available.

As the city portraits are based in time the limited editions can be updated just like the cities grow further .
Once a city portrait is updated it will be expended in its composition with further research and visuals from past, present and future to enrich and document the city-portrait.
Prints can be created on diverse materials and on mega sizes.

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